Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Q!

Happy Birthday, to you.
Oh, dear Mr.Q!

You look like a monkey,
& you kiss like one, too!

(A luuurve monkey, that is!)

Happy Day, my cat-loving, chin-on-head-tucking, expert-cuddling, bass-playing, mushroom-mocking, bathroom-cleaning, back-rubbing, wonderful Zimbu the Love Chimp!

Here's a pic of Mr.Q's new b-day socks, the yarn 'specially dyed by a certain Bunnie, in colours evocative of his grey tabby cat's belly; and then the belly in question:

And here's one of the Birthday Boy, in his natural habitat:


no-blog-rachel said...

Does he usually burst into flames on stage? Very cool. :)

Happy Birthday Mr. Q!

Rabbitch said...

Happy birthday Mr. Q!

Definitely a little more fawn than i wanted in the socks, but otherwise those are quite Singe-y. Well done on the knitting!