Saturday, March 1, 2008

Family Day

Yesterday was a non-instructional day at work - which meant a Day Off for me. Whee! Hooray for long weekends! Coincidentally, my father flew in early in the afternoon, for meetings today. So I trekked through downtown to meet him at his hotel on Granville Island for a few hours of bonding.

I was very impressed with the hotel. It has its own brewery!

How cool is that! We didn't get to sample their wares, however. We had A Mission To Accomplish. Dad needed scrapbook post extenders. So we wandered through the rain, had coffee looking out over the waterfront, poked around a few shops, and finally ended up at a paper shop which had what he needed. Also, it had some shelves of coloured raffia that made me do a double-take:

(Please. Tell me somebody out there also sees how that could look like yarn at first glance.) That's Dad's hand, with his fancy new post extenders. (He was very indulgent of the blog-photo-taking.)

After our mission was accomplished, we moseyed back to his hotel, hung out and just visited for the rest of the afternoon. It was very nice - we haven't had an extended sit-down for a long time. Usually he's here for work - too busy - or I'm home visiting - and everybody's busy and the TV's on and there are kids underfoot, etc. So a couple of hours to just sit, chill, talk, watch the light on the bridge (and the huge crane just outside the window - an essential part of Vancouver's skyline from any angle!) was quite a treat.

Eventually Mr. Q, and my sister & her husband, made it through traffic (not just Friday rush hour, but Friday Rush Hour and a Hockey Game traffic - ugh!) and we all went for dinner. Sis & her hubby got back from Hawaii a couple weeks ago, so we got to see their pictures, and she brought us chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, too. Yum!

(Mom - I do hope you get some. I told her to wait & give them to you, but Dad was really insistent. Really, really insistent. He kept saying that they should have brought some back for you....)

I got a new toy in the mail yesterday, too. Here it is, posing with the family:

It's a funky PVC sock needle holder. I loves it. Sis looks totally impressed with it, doesn't she? The beer on the table is from the Whistler Brewing Company. Very tasty. One thing I do love about this city is the plethora of micro-breweries!

A very nice way to spend Leap Day!

After dinner, Mr.Q and I went to visit some friends we've been trying to connect with for awhile. As we walked into their apartment, we were assailed by the oddest, and rather rank, hot plant kind of smell. I thought "Oh gawd. They've cooked up some weird vegan appies that I'm going to have to eat. It smells awful. Well, they're good friends, so I'll suck it up and hope I can eat at least one. Then say I'm just too full from dinner. Erp!"

I had forgotten that he does a lot of home-brewing, and he had told us that he was starting a new batch of beer last night. Whew!

(PS - I have to confess, when I got up this morning, I briefly considered where I could hide our box of chocolate macadamia nuts, so Mr.Q would forget about them. Then I could have them all to myself. Mine! My preciousssss! They're very tasty.)


Sarah, Grand-Dutchess of Serendipity said...

As I was looking at your blog Hannah walked up behind me and said, "Is that yarn, 'cause it looks like yarn" just as I was reading the part where you want someone to tell you it looks like yarn.....weird.

PICAdrienne said...

Of course it looks like yarn. Any knitter would see yarn in that picture. OK, so it is not yarn, I bet you could knit it anyway!