Saturday, April 5, 2008

C'mon baby, finish what you started...

Fuelled by some obscure (and usually well-buried) house-keeping instinct, as well as a terrifying image of us in our 90s, being discovered, some time after our demise, buried under ceiling-high stacks of newspapers and old rock'n'roll posters (not to mention all those damned records)...I thought it might be a good idea to spend an hour or so today tackling a pile or two. Maybe just a couple of boxes, on one or two shelves. Nothing much, just take a small bite out of the clutter, let me feel like I'd accomplished something productive, then mosey on down to the library or something.

I am clearly delusional. One box led to another pile, led to another, then dusting needed to be done...and before I knew it, I was knee-high in that extreme chaos that seems to reign between the original mess, and the final result.

(OK, knee-high is maybe understating it, given my stature. Or lack thereof. Quit sniggering, family mine! Make that "knee-high on Mr.Q")

On the good side, I have a huge pile to take to the thrift store this weekend, and new room on my kitchen shelves. Also, Mr.Q is going to go out and get me some reinforcements before he leaves for the evening.

I seem to be in the thrall of some strange nesting instinct lately (no, Mom - and Sarah - I'm not pregnant! Nor are we expecting any new cats.) I think it started with getting the bikes - the first in a long list of "things to get around to one of these days." Seems like that opened the floodgates, and before I knew it, there were new curtains up in the kitchen. Which made such a huge difference in here, that I put up curtains in the Magic Room, too. And started a bag for the thrift store. Then I came home with an accordian file, and started sorting through several scattered baskets of pay slips, old bills, etc.

This morning, we went out for breakfast. While we were out, I figured we should stop by the Canadian Tire & get some drywall plugs, so Mr.Q could fix the knife rack. Might as well get a few more, to put up some other stuff. Maybe pick up another couple of bins for papers....

It sort of avalanched, and I'm going to be sneezing all night from the dust in my nostrils. But as soon as Mr.Q gets back with that wine, and I get the kitchen table cleared off, I'm going to enjoy a well-earned evening of sloth.

(Or, since the sewing machine's already out....)

You see where this could go. If I haven't resurfaced in a few days, please send a search party.

I have found some great treasures, though. Including a letter my baby brother sent me when he was in junior high, or even younger. With some terrible jokes about ghosts telling "people stories" to scare their kids, and something about hockey. I can't wait to show it to him!

When we get the piles sorted out, I will post pics of our new, improved little hobbit hole. In the meantime, victory will soon be mine!

(I hope!)


Rabbitch said...

If you figure out how to do it, tell me how.

You've seen my house (and you've only seen the "good" parts). You know why I'm asking.

Rebecca said...

I love organizing - but I never get to it because it is so big! Yay on your incredible progress!