Monday, April 14, 2008

Quick! Look over there!

I had this whole post done up in my head. It was, of course, brilliantly witty, full of clever insights, and generally indicative of my innate genius. (Or at least, of my ability to use words far too big for me & this humble blog!)

And of course, it's gone. But last time, I had mentioned photos, and now Blogger is being less git-like, so here they are:

My new yarn, called "Sedona," from Enchanted Knoll:

Less green-y than I had expected, but with a blend of 70% merino and 30% silk, I'm hardly going to argue with a minor variation in hue. This may be one of those bra-stuffers: not for knitting or wearing, just for carrying around and fondling.

Also, I finally finished the Horcrux socks. Here they are, tip-toeing through the tulips. Or forget-me-knots, or whatever the heck they are:

And finally, our ever-graceful Bagheera, in one of his favourite spots - right on top of Mr.Q's head. And note that this is not a shot of him (the cat) in transit; on the contrary, he's settled in for a long winter's nap, as it were.

Ridiculously dignified cat - not!


no-blog-rachel said...

I suppose one could be grateful that said giant cat doesn't sleep draped over one's nose and mouth, yes? That doesn't look too comfortable being pinned down like that, but at least it's not deadly.

I don't have my glasses on but I think those are grape hyacinth. So pretty! As is your new yarn.

Rebecca said...

I agree, they do look like grape hyacinths. The socks look great! And that yarn is dreamy - looks like the desert with the sand and blue skies. I love knitting with merino silk blends, really a bit addictive. I keep wanting to type brilliant, witty blogs, but it seems like mine are getting acerbic subtitles and that is about it.