Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sox in the City

Since I couldn't make it to Toronto today, for the launch of the Harlot's new book, I decided to take part in the Inexplicable Knitter Behaviour Sock Photo Scavenger Hunt, in the Freestyle, Canada at Large category.

I haven't enjoyed a lunch hour so much in a long time! Some typical scenes of downtown Vancouver, with sock:

Canada Line construction (makes commuting SUCH fun!):

Sinclair Centre (with more construction!)

Harbour Centre, iconic city building, and downtown campus for my alma mater:

Really want to make people do a double take? Set up a sock photo in front of the trendiest cafe in the downtown core, at 8:40 A.M.

And last but not least, the mural on the outside wall of our beloved neighbourhood cafe, The Laughing Bean:


Rabbitch said...

You rock (as does your sock).

I took no photos. Apparently ducks are still nibblinb my brain. Uh, hopefully they'll stop that by Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I love you....and your sock.