Friday, October 10, 2008

Hats off

Eggplant hat #2 is stalled at the stem...been busy I have, no time to finish it. In the meantime, though, I got a good chunk of a Malabrigo hat started on Tuesday night, while we waited to get into the Commodore. Fortunately it wasn't raining, just quite chilly.

The show started a lot later than we'd expected, so we were there a lot earlier than we needed to be. Which turned out OK, as we were near the front of the line, and were able to get good seats looking down over the dance floor. We did have to sit through a very unfortunate opening act...whose art-rock wanking off would have been passable on a different bill, but they were a very poor fit for a solo acoustic headliner.

But it was worth sitting through them, too, in the end. Sam Beam (Iron & Wine) didn't come onstage until about 10:00...past my bedtime already! But then this shaggy-haired, bushy-bearded, rumpled guy ambled onto the stage and picked up his guitar. And had all 900+ of us eating out of his hand within 5 minutes.

It was pretty surreal, to be sitting in the balcony looking down at a dance floor packed with hundreds of eager music-lovers...all standing relatively still, enchanted for the entire set. I went from wanting to go home to bed before he even started singing, to Mr.Q having to drag me out before the encore so we had a shot at getting a taxi home. On a school night, even!

And here it is, Friday again already...and a long weekend to boot! Not sure if we'll go to the fuss and bother of making a proper Thanksgiving dinner...but the weather's supposed to be nice, neither of us have any obligations or prior commitments, and the house is reasonably tidy. So we're set for a relaxing weekend, one way or another!

And there are two major elections to consider this weekend. One Very Important Event, which could have a significant impact on our nation's future; and something about a federal something-or-other on Tuesday. Now, be good little Canucks & get out and vote!

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Sue said...

You sure have been a busy woman.

I don't think I'll be making a proper Thanksgiving dinner either. My family all live in the states and his all live in Alberta and Manitoba so it's just the two of us here in beautiful BC. I might make a pumpkin pie though. YUM!
I hope you have a wonderful long weekend filled with yarn goodness!