Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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Fuckity fuck fuck.


Well, that was about the most fun I ever had, wasting $300,000,000. Thanks, Stevie. You know, if I wasted that kind of money against my employers' wishes, my ass would be so fired.

A couple notes for you, Mr.Harper, just a couple things to keep in mind:

*You do know, I hope, that the whole "Ordinary Canadians don't care about the arts, so I'm just going to slash arts funding" cost you Quebec. And a majority goverment. (To the Quebecois - merci beaucoup!)

*That whole not keeping election promises thing? Newfoundland is probably not the last province that will shut you out, if you keep that up. (Yay Newfies!)

*Umm....38% of the popular vote is not a "clear mandate to govern." It's a clear message that you had damned well better learn to play well with others, coz I doubt your party is going to accept another minority under you. I mean, if your MPs were actually allowed to have opinions or anything like that. Which they obviously aren't, but, you know, if they were. Hypothetically speaking. But it is obvious that the Canadian people have an opinion on that. And they didn't give you a clear mandate for anything but a short leash, pal.

At least, those of us who chose to exercise our right to express that opinion did, anyway.

People. Come on. Fifty-eight percent voter turnout? Jumpin' jeezus on a pogo stick. That is just fucking pathetic. Use it or lose it.

Fuckity fuck fuck.

Off to face a bunch of overprivileged apathetic gits, who think that "the goverment" should be solely responsible for everything - but without using any of their tax dollars, thankyouverymuch. Heads out of the arses, please, people!



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Sue said...

I have permanent resident status in Canada so I can't vote but I did walk down to the CHCC with my husband while he voted. However, I did send in my absentee ballot for the US and you can sure as hell bet I DID NOT vote for McCain! Grrrr what a fucktard. I mean really, Palin? Really? Surely that is a sign of senility much like anyone who voted for Bush the second time around. /bangs head against wall

Anonymous said...

FUCK!!!!!and other things. the apathy is astounding and so frustrates me as well, especially as I meet this a.m. with a bunch of mostly privledged folk to decide what is extreme weather to shelter homeless women in!

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Now just to get the crap down here straight....I can't wait for Nov.5th!!!

Barb said...

Dude, so if I flee the US and our really bad governance, are you saying that things are no better up there?

New Zealand, anyone?