Saturday, October 11, 2008

Long weekend bliss

I remember, a long time ago, having a conversation with a couple people I'd graduated from high school with. We were talking about how weird it was to be all growed up, and to have opinions on things like thread count in sheets, and good kitchen knives, and how it was possible (gasp!) to actually be too tired for sex.

I think I've got another one to add to the list: waking up at 7:30 am on a Saturday now constitutes "sleeping in." Oy! But - it does make for a productive morning, and a good thing, too. We got out the door as early as we could to get the grocery shopping done, in a bid to avoid the Thanksgiving/long weekend rush. Seems like we weren't the only people with that idea; it was crazier than usual at our cramped little neighbourhood grocery. But we escaped relatively unscathed (Oddly, Mr.Q was the one traumatized by the crowds. Usually I'm the one who ends up curled up under the produce bins, breathing into a paper bag...) And now we don't really have to leave the house for the rest of the weekend! Except for a few essentials, like, oh, Baileys and some DVDs. But Mr.Q's out in the 'hood as I type, procuring those last supplies, including a library book that I've been waiting months to come in.

So I think we're going to hole up for the next 2 1/2 days, watch the first season of Lost, knit, read, listen to records, cuddle with the cats, and generally hang out in our PJs. We'll do a mini-Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow - I picked up a free-range chicken at the butcher shop this morning, and may even bake a pumpkin pie to go with it. But with only two of us here, I'm really doing it more for the leftovers & chicken soup. Mmmmm!

In the meantime, the second eggplant is done, and was just about as much fun as the first:

I've also got the first stocking-stuffer done - a hat for my nephew (I owe him one, as apparently the one I made him a couple of winters ago was rather scritchy. That was before I discovered Malabrigo, which I used for this one...mmmmmmmMalabrigo!)

Finally...Singe has been getting in some good practice for the weekend:

(Is it just me, or does he look like he's running on his side?)

And the other beasties have been reminding us who's boss:

Not quite sure how the Mr. got himself out from under that, actually. I suspect the siren call of his preferred beer helped.

Happy Thanksgiving!

(Edited to add...Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that I ran into Crochet Guy on the bus the other day. He was sitting next to this woman knitting 2 socks on circular needles. I thought she was the woman I'd met at the yarn sale, who also knits on my bus, so I sat down next to them and we started talking. Rather uncharacteristically bold of me, actually. After a few minutes, though, I realized that she was not who I'd thought - oops! - but she was quite friendly nonetheless. And when I told her my mistake, she knew who I was talking about - and told me about yet another regular knitter on the same bus route, who does hats. Something in angora this week. Seems the #4 is quite the crafty bus! It does make up for some of the "challenges" (to put it mildly) of taking public transit on a regular basis. We should just start holding meetings, maybe giving lessons. Resistance is futile!)


Sarah, Grand-Dutchess of Serendipity said...

Just a heads up. Your nephew occasionally reads your blog (though I do try to censor of course) Luckily, he did not happen to be over my shoulder today because he is sitting on the couch thinking about how not to argue with his sister. The hat's awesome!

Gail from Surrey said...

MrsQ........Sounds like a PURRFECT weekend to me! Love the hats. How could I NOT know about Malabrigo Yarns???? Perhaps I hang out in the wrong section of my LYS. Had a chuckle when I got to the add-on portion.......all that knitting time, that's the ONLY thing I MISS about no longer public transit on a daily basis. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!........grannygail

Anie said...

the hats-they inspire!