Friday, October 24, 2008

People are fracked.

So I was going to post about the flaming drink I had on my birthday, and new yarn, and the fall colours, and the new baby I got to smell today...but on my way to Blogger, I stopped by Frank's blog. And. Oh. My. Fucking. Gawd. I can't believe what some people get up to in their free time.

(Or, maybe not so free. Whaddya wanna bet these guys get paid for this shite? And it's interesting that the signatories are all guys.)

Now, I know I'm not y'all might be asking what this has to do with me...but I can tell you, I am as aware as anybody that what happens below the 49th usually has an impact up here, too. Plus there's that tiny little issue of human rights. (Also, we saw the trailer for Milk on the weekend, which I'm stoked to go see, and that's prolly got me in the mood for a little soapbox action, too.)

The ridiculousity of these threats, made so brazenly, just sickens me.

Though they surprise me not in the least.

There are days that, faced with the suck-wattage of some human beans, I swear I only want to get out of my bed long enough to hide under it, a pile of blankets over my head. I'm sure Singe would bring me something to eat once in awhile.

(Fortunately, the new-baby smell today has inoculated me a little against completely losing faith in humanity. For now.)

Whether or not Mr.Q and I have the wherewithal to donate at this moment remains to be seen. But I can tell you it is a conversation we'll be having when he gets home. Knitting (and fundraising knitters) have shown that a lot of little bits add up right quick. At the very least, I can do this to put it out there for the world to see, or the wee bit of it that might stop by for a visit.

So there you have it. Happy Friday.


Leone said...

would your faith in humanity be a little restored if we went to Milk together? I'm sooper stroked to see it. Hugs for you!

yarnpiggy said...

There are way too many fucked up people in the world, if you ask me. Very depressing.

I want to see Milk, too...

Sue said...

I'm hiding under my own bed these days. The world is so f'd up right now!

Anonymous said...

The gay rights battle infurriates me! I'm in the middle of the bible belt - so most of the people down here still think that "gay" is a contagious disease. To me there is absolutely no reason that gay people can't marry....if marriage is a "Christian" institution then how can my marriage be legal (I'm an atheist)?

I'm just waiting for people down here to start requesting that gay people ride the back of the bus, drink from seperate water fountains, and use different bathrooms.

People are people no matter what color, religion, or sexual preference.

Sorry for the long comment...this just really gets me fired up!