Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On a roll....

Second eggplant hat is well on its way, and I've had a request for a third (for a baby, Sarah). They are too much fun to knit! knitting tonight. Or at least, nothing in dark colours. Mr.Q got me an early birthday present: tickets to see Iron & Wine at the Commodore Ballrooom tonight. Now, the Commodore may be a fantastic venue, but it hasn't been one of my favourites. I prefer small and cozy pubs, or sit-down theatres, rather than a 1000-person mob on a sproingy dance floor. Given that the last show I saw there was about 10 years ago, though (Spirit of the West, which virtually requires drunken rowdiness of the best sing-along kind)...I'm willing to give it another chance.

Plus, I 'spect the crowd tonight will be a much mellower sort. And it's an early show. (Which I am sure is one of the reasons I love folk music...sensible bedtimes!)

(Which is not to say that folk musicians can't ring in the dawn with the best of them...but if one does choose to go to bed at a reasonable hour, the kitchen-table or campfire jams are less likely to keep one awake than, say, a speedmetal party.)

(And a night out whose dress code practically requires jeans and hand-knit socks is definitely something to look forward to, on any occasion!)


Anonymous said...

Sarah really needs an eggplant hat.

yarnpiggy said...

Lucky you! Have a great time.

(It looks like Sarah really, really wants an eggplant hat. Who could blame her, really?)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link!!! Hope you have fun at the concert!

Anonymous said...

Oh! And Happy Early Birthday!

no-blog-rachel said...

Something tells me that Sarah really wants an eggplant hat.

Happy early Birthday (if it's still early - otherwise regular birthday)! Now go see what I gave you on my blog.