Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day to you...we all look like monkeys, and we're related to them, too!

Happy Earth Day! Go hug a tree!

I made up some ATCs for a Celtic knot themed swap yesterday:

And one of them is 'specially appropriate for Earth Day:

(You can't really read it, but the caption along the side reads "Step lightly on the earth.") I had oodles of fun making them; I used an old calendar from a few years ago featuring the art of Jen Delyth, a Celtic artist who does some beautiful work. Someday I'd like to get something of hers done as a tattoo...the problem will be deciding which one!

Meanwhile, the sleep adventures continue! I think there's a conspiracy. Friday morning, I woke up at 5:30 anyway. Just for the hell of it. (NOT intentionally!) Friday night I fell asleep before 10:00 - bliss! Which was of course interrupted at 10:38 by an urgent phone call from my sister (The Princess Bride). As incoherent and slightly grumpy as I was, though, I'd far rather be woken up by a knitting emergency than "I'm too drunk to figure out the alarm on my cell phone!"

(Also, as her knitting teacher, there's the pride of knowing she's such a dedicated student...and that she's fallen irrevocably down the rabbit hole. Heheheheheheh!)

Then there were funny cat noises, which required investigation, in case it was another intruder. Then there were fur ball hacks at 4:00 A.M. Then there were more at about 6:30. (The fur ball landed on a mat which needed washing anyway, thankfully! Hey - that sounds like a kid's rhyme: the cat sat and puked on the mat!)

And when I finally got up, I was greeted by a "visitor"...guess what's under this?

(No, Mom, it's NOT a piece of thread thrown cruelly into the shower, scarring me for life!) It's a BIG spider. Which, I'm proud to say, was not flushed but trapped and then liberated in the hedges outside. Mr.Q is the resident spider-hunter, in recognition of my abject, shrieking terror of the things. He's concerned about his karma, given all the critters he's killed on my behalf. So we've agreed that they can be liberated instead. But he's not home. So I had to do it myself. Spidey spent a few hours in solitary while I worked up the nerve to deal with him.

Last night I was just plain up too late. Watching the new James Bond movie. I think it's my favourite one yet. Maybe coz it was more focused on the characters and action than gadgets and special effects. Or it could just have been Daniel Craig. He can put the zip in my salsa any day! (Ooops, did I type that out loud?) Either way, it's not really sleepytime viewing. But it was fun.

I had all three cats lined up at my feet in bed last night. Not so much room for me. But I was glad of the company - usually, when Mr.Q's away, they don't sleep with me. (I had to marry him coz "my" cats like him better than me....) He's home tonight...hooray! Even though I won't really see him till Wednesday at the earliest, given our schedules through the beginning of the week...I still just like it better when he's home. (Where he can work the alarm clock himself!) (I am so going to tease him about that for awhile...I bet it's good for a week of cleaning the litterbox!)

Cute cat pic, coz there hasn't been one in awhile:

It's like they think they're the boss of us...I wonder where they get that idea!

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Anie said...

where WOULD those cats get that idea??