Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A party in my pant(ry)

Well, I was going to post about the fabulous night out I had with my Dad and my sister on Sunday, including the Very Important Lesson she gave us about Which Bag To Bring To A Posh Dinner....But I's too tired just at the moment, so I'll do it next time.

Meanwhile, I actually got to spend some time with Mr.Q tonight before he went out to play a show. There was a bit of a miscommunication about dinner plans - I'd said I'd make something nice for us and our houseguest; he understood it to mean the drummer that's also playing with them. And then at lunch today I realized that the drummer's girlfriend would probably also join us. I was short a (chicken) breast.

Ack! But solved by a quick call to Mr.Q with VERY clear instructions on what needed to be picked up on his way home from work. Dinner (for 5) was prepped, a pie was made by our houseguest, and then the drummer called to say he had to work late and wouldn't be able to make it after all. Doh!

Oh well - we've got very tasty lunches for work tomorrow now. Meanwhile, the guys decided that since we were all hanging out in the kitchen anyway, it was a good time for a bit of a roots-rockabilly kitchen party. So they pulled out the guitar and the upright bass and went to it, while the chicken cooked and the pie cooled on the counter, and it was just perfect!

Tomorrow, maybe, I'll post about the fancy banquet and the bags. But for now...can you smell it?


Sarah from the Kootenays said...

Ah, the good life.

Rebecca M. said...

Sounds like a fabulous night - can't get much better than home cooking and a bit of home music.