Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Humpty-backed camels

The thing I love best about Wednesdays is the end of them. 'Nuff said.

So. Dinner on Sunday. Dad was here for the AccolAIDS awards banquet, having been nominated in two categories. He invited my sister and I as his dates. It was a rather frou-frou affair, and there were pantyhose and dress shoes and corsages involved. (I even wore a SKIRT, but don't let that get around!)

There is a reason my lovely sister is a Princess Bride, and my wedding involved a home-made stage decorated with a sewn-together curtain of tie-dyed thrift store table cloths. (And a red drum kit, front and centre, through the whole thing...what fun!) But I digress.

The reason she is a bona fide, blushing Princess Bride is that she actually "gets" all the girl stuff...lip liner and hair products and which shoes to wear when, and with what, and has matching Kitchen-Aid pots (which I covet). Me, I'm happy if you can't tell I haven't shaved my legs since last summer, and if I manage not to fart in public, and pay no attention to the very old IKEA cutting board. I'm OK with the differences - it makes for an interesting relationship, with fodder for gentle teasing on both sides. Besides, she's learning to knit; what's not to love?!

But when it comes to an evening such as this, I defer to her wisdom. Sort of. There was a brief lesson in the difference between handbags.

Hers: this is the perfectly lovely but not-matching handbag, good for day use:

This is the little-black-dress matching hand-bag, suitable for frou-frou banquet dinners at the Pan Pacific Hotel's Crystal Pavilion:

And, not matching my funky Value Village skirt, is this:

My knitting bag. Containing knitting. Which I didn't pull out at dinner, given that we shared our table with the head of a big PR firm, a long-time City Councillor, a Senator, and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of BC and his very charming wife. (!!!!!!!!!!!!) Rather an odd mix, really, with the pack of us there, too, but it was fun. The food was good. (The lemon tart was marvellous.) The evening was celebratory and moving and well worth wearing tights for.

Dad was also carrying his little black evening bag:

"Normal" we ain't, but there aren't too many dull moments!


Sarah from the Kootenays said...

Sorry I missed that one. I would have brought the clown noses in payback for Dad wearing them to my coming out ball for sweethearts.

Oh and they were bedsheets. They in their new life have made fantastic curtains. I will be choosing my future houses based on window sizes to assure reuse of them.

Rebecca M. said...

I never get the whole matching, appropriate bit - I am more with you on the hairy legs and knitting bag! Besides, who has money to buy different bags that match with everything - that would cut into my yarn budget. And as for wedding - the princess bride bit makes me a bit crazy - more and more the idea of Vegas appeals - then I won't have to do any of that fru fru stuff.