Monday, April 9, 2007

Scutterbotch is Spanish for "aardvark poo"

Back in the Big City...the transition made easier by being picked up at the airport by one of my oldest (as in length of time, not age!) friends and having lunch together. We met when we were 12; survived Bon Jovi and Patrick Swayze and the worst of the '80s fashion disasters together. She was in town for the weekend; we had a few hours of overlap this afternoon and managed to indimidate the waitress with our belly laughs. Had a GREAT weekend home...beautiful weather, good visits, being able to see the stars! I have missed these oodles:

I've missed these even more:

It was really neat to be the only one home this time - there was no juggling of time with the kids; it was just me and them, which made for an excellent visit. Which I think is even more important as they get older. I love being an aunt; it's the best thing ever!

I have only one half-decent picture of the baby, as she was pretty sick all weekend, but in the interest of fairness - I can't leave her out! - here it is:

They came over for ice cream, butterscotch ripple. When they asked what kind it was, Grandad said "scutterbotch." Which I said was Spanish for "aardvark poo." Their mother thought that was pretty funny. She tried to go along with it, but she was laughing too hard. This is her face when I said it:

This was her reaction when I told her I was going to post the last picture:

I'm sure, now that I've left, those poor kids must be saying to each other: "Boy, Auntie Erin sure talks a lot about poop and farts!"

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Anie said...

i laughed out loud..too much fun have you!!