Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Blarg, not blog

I'd love to put up a big long post. I have a loverly new sock on the needles (with the Puck's Mischief, of course!); pics of Mr.Q's feet in his new socks; impending Harlotry to be excited about; and an amusing little tale of a decapitated mouse.

I'm also having a flare-up of tendinitis, which means I can type OR I can knit, but not both. After doing neither for 4 days to give my hands a rest...guess which one I'm choosing. (And Mr.Q will tell you just how charming I was toward the end of that little stint of cold-turkey not-knitting! Sheesh. You'd think it was addictive or something...oh, wait. Right. Never mind.)

'K, so...later!

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