Friday, June 22, 2007

Let the games begin!

So...a moment of calm amidst the storm...sitting at my parents' with a cup of coffee (liberally laced with Baileys, thank GAWD!) before running out to do more errands before going out to the rehearsal for the Princess Bride's wedding, before the rehearsal dinner with about a million people...

We had a good drive out here - the weather was gorgeous, and the drive through the mountains was stunning. I have some pics, but since my camera's at my (other) sister's place - well, they'll have to wait!

Abruptly upon arriving yesterday, the madness started. So far there have been maulings and cuddles by small kidlets, new kittens to admire, babysitting while their mother went to the emergency room for stitches - cut her finger while cutting the fabric for the ring-bearer's pillow - hemming of pants for an 8-year-old imp, potty training issues (thankfully she JUST missed my shoes!), mosquito bites, no sugar for coffee, not enough sleep, a morning of Tickle Camel adventures (thankfully Mr.Q is on duty for that one! I get too tired just watching!), about eleventy hundred loads of children's laundry, trying to find time (and space!) to practice the songs Baby Sis & I are singing tomorrow - and not nearly enough Strongbow!

And that doesn't even include the naked child having divested herself of her poopy diaper and then running around the house stating firmly: "Messy. Messy."

Thankfully her mother was home by then. I promptly locked myself in the bathroom until it was all gone.

So far - I figure, about par for the course, for a big family event!


Zardra said...

With just that, you've out done my sister's wedding, which I thought was bad. We had a grandmother, who has since been diagnosed with dementia, staying with the aunt, who has short term memory issues since her aneurysm. They somehow became lost between the hotel and the church, we were calling people in Alaska to try and get my aunt's cell phone # and wondering when we should call the police. They arrived just as we were all processing into the church. Then, there was the dropped cake in the parking lot issue. I still regret not getting a picture of my husband sweeping up the cake so my sister wouldn't see it.

Anie said...

holy crap! cant wait to hear how the rest of it went!!!!!!!!