Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday - Fun Times!

A "non-instructional" day today, tacked onto the long weekend, so four days off for me! Hooray! I need it, frankly. All the madness of getting ready for our trip; the energy used over the weekend; the chaos of jumping late into a short week...I's a tired gal! So it was terrifically sweet to sleep in till 8:00 this morning, and have the day to myself while Mr.Q was at work.

As is my usual habit in the mornings, the first thing I did was make myself some coffee. I have a new, pretty coffee mug, sent to me in a "coffee craze" swap, and I thought today was the day to bring it out.

Isn't it pretty? It came with all kinds of other treats, too - some candies and flavoured sugars and stuff.

Being my Day Off, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to enhance my morning java experience with a liberal shot of Bailey's.

I'm told the chopstick is essential for maximizing the experience. I'm not sure why, exactly, but it was a fine cuppa!

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Anonymous said...

for maximum effect you need to suck on the chopstick!