Monday, June 11, 2007

Sunday, Sunday, so good to me....

I slept a lot better on Saturday night than I expected to, and woke up around 7:30. Rabbitch was still asleep (Wenchlette had to leave at 5:00 to get the first ferry, to be at work at that's hardcore!) I checked email, called home, just enjoyed a bit of quiet time after the madness and excitement of Saturday. I checked on Rabbitch about 8:30, and she was up and moving. Being Sunday, we figured we ought to go to church...if you understand "church" to mean "somewhere where one can acquire and savour the holy sacrament of coffee."

We found a fine place of worship, as evidenced by Rabbitch's saintly demeanor:

My own cup was more reasonably sized, though since it contained espresso, was no less potent and life-giving. Or, at least, consciousness-giving. Then we met up with J & her pal to find some cheap breakfast. The Honeybee was just the place - clean, bright, with greasy-spoon prices and very, very tasty hashbrowns. And more coffee.

A return trip to the yarn store was in order before we hit the ferry. We had spent a couple of blissful hours in the Beehive the day before. (Does anyone else think the bee theme is maybe a sign?) They were awesome with organizing the tickets for the Harlot's appearance, and also had a sale on for the weekend. Oops! I had a little accident (though not as large as feared!) and some of this sort of found its way home with me:

It is, of course, much prettier in person, and soooooo soft. I'm not normally a big fan of mohair, but this isn't really fuzzy and it's such a scrumptious colour. And sooooooo soft (I really can't say that enough!) I 'spect it will make me a beautiful lace stole someday in the not-too-distant future. (It's just a question of whether I'll get sucked in by the Kid Silk first, or the temptation of the Eris pullover which I saw in person - or, on a person! - on Saturday...must have it, my preciousssssss!)

Anyhoo, J wanted to go back to the store on Sunday to see if she still needed the fabulous yarn she had seen the day before. (She did. Of course.) On the way down the street, I noticed something odd:

The Beehive Wool Shop is located in the old Masonic building. Coincidence? I think not. For all of the conspiracy theorists out there - the answer to the Illuminati is (obviously!) knitting. Knitters (or at least, our yarn!) will take over and save the world. It's starting right here!

Finally, our feets and finances exhausted, we made our way to the ferry, glad to be heading home. J was super-thrilled with her new wrap-in-waiting:

Imagine how much cozier it will be once it's actually knit up! (And since I've got the ball winder, I'll get to fondle it when the time comes...whee!) For the record, J was our trip-planner, map-navigator, driver and picker-upper extraordinaire. If we'd had to do that trip on transit, it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun...thanks, sweetie!

The interminable rain cleared, and Rabbitch and I went on deck to take sock pictures. There was the brief obligatory moment of pirate-speak. We got a couple funny looks, but after knitting in public all weekend, they hardly fazed me.

The wind up front was pretty stiff, so my first picture was of a wind sock:

Then we found a calmer, sunnier spot...the sock and I enjoying the view:

And the sock gets its own moment in the sun:

Finally got home, ordered pizza for dinner, and fell into a much-needed sleep by 7:30. I think it won't be much later than that tonight, too! Must be a hangover from all the yarn fumes...


MonicaPDX said...

Hied over from Rabbitch's site, and great reporting on both days! Loved all the pix, and nearly did myself an injury with "Put your stick through the cowgirl's legs..." and then your addition. ::odd squeaking noises:: But... Rabbitch looking saintly?! ::thud::

Wind sock - ROFLMAO! And gorgeous sock, too. ;) Thanks!

Anie said...

what a hoot..i love yer yarns.

Sarah from the Kootenays said...

oooh! What fun! You should drag your little sisters along for the next event if we can make it. What better bonding is there?

Anna-Liza said...

I'm working on Eris myself right now--the pullover. It is much fun, but you'll need focused knitting time for the cabled neckline. And I have found not one error in the pattern. Not one. When you see the pattern, you'll understand how big a deal that is.

Rebecca said...

oh, I think I need to join that "church."