Friday, June 15, 2007

Never met I Friday I didn't like...

Yay for Fridays! This will be a weekend full of chores and other housekeeping fun times. Since we leave on Wednesday for the Princess Bride's pending nuptials...and the landlord's lovely youngest daughter will be looking after the beasties. So of course the house has to be clean before I can give her run of the place. Hopefully I'll still get a bit of knitting and reading time in, both...starting to see the end of the first Puck's Mischief sock in sight, I can't wait to wear it! I'll post a photo when it's a little further along, but I am totally in love with the colourway. And how much faster it knits up than Mr.Q's socks did!

I've been trying to find a new knitting bag to take with me next week - one that doesn't look like either a diaper bag, or one of those black bomb-shell purses from the '80s. (Why are the '80s fashions coming back into style at all?) Something sturdy and functional that I can take to the wedding, that won't quite look like it's really a knitting bag. So my mother doesn't make too much fun of me!

Meanwhile, I started teaching my private English student how to knit just over two weeks ago, and she's completed two fine dishcloths already - she gave me her first one, which I thought was sweet! She just emailed me - she picked up some yarn for her first hat but couldn't find the 10mm DPNs she needs for it....I'm curious to see just how chunky this yarn is! And how quickly she finishes her hat...she's definitely fallen down the rabbit hole, as it were. Mwah hah hah hah! Taking over the world, one stitch at a time!

If we had cable, this wouldn't happen to me. Instead, I'd be sucked down the vortex of endless CSI re-runs. (I originally typed "re-ruins" - which in the case of the Miami version of the show, is pretty accurate!) I think I'd rather knit.

Trying to decide whether to go out for cheesecake tonight, or get a handle on the continuously erupting Mt.Laundry.

Why is this even a question?

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Miss Scarlett said...

re-ruins! I love it. My Mom actually can't get enough of the Miami version - I only like the Vegas original.

I am curious about your Puck socks - is this a published pattern, or one of your own design? Can't wait to see them done.

I have no freakin clue why 80's style is coming back. Ughhh.

That is so cool about your knit/English student! Good for her - and you know, knitting is really good for the brain - it might even help her in her language lessons!