Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bits and pieces

I firmly believe that it's the lovely random little moments that make life rich and juicy and tasty....a few that I've had in the last few days, in no order:

I came home from work yesterday to the dishes done, and Mr.Q offering to make me a martini. This, after he got up to make me coffee before work. Who needs a pool boy?!

Mr.Q writes for The Nerve, and gets all kinds of sneak previews of stuff to review. Sometimes it's crap. Sometimes it's not. And sometimes it's a WAY cool surprise. Like the CD he played for me yesterday, called Raising Sand, a collaborative effort between bluegrass diva Allison Krauss, and Robert Plant. Yes, as in Led Zeppelin. The CD's due out in October. Buy it. Buy another and give it to a friend. Or someone you want to be a friend. Because it's AMAZING! (Also, Robert Plant is still totally, totally hot!)

On the weekend, I bought some buffalo burgers from the butcher shop. We haven't eaten them yet, they're defrosting for dinner tomorrow. I am anticipating enjoying them very much. Monday, Mr.Q went back to the butcher shop and bought a knife sharpener. All the knives are sharp for the first time in years, including my Swiss Army knife. I'm very happy, and have been slicing a lot of tomatoes with gleeful abandon.

Sunday, the Gentle Infidels opened for the incomparable Cara Luft. I love Cara's music, and she's a pretty swell person, too. I've missed her the last few times she's been through town, so I was really glad I got to the show this time. It was a great evening all around. I've been listening to her new CD, The Light Fantastic, non-stop since Sunday. It's great. Though I may have to curse her: it was first hearing her play a few years ago that finally motivated me to learn to play guitar. But I will never, ever be able to play like her. It's not fair!

But the album is awesome. And to make it better - I knew this, but didn't connect the dots, really, till after I had the CD in my hand - my good pal Anie did some of the background vocals on the album. Not surprisingly, she did a fine, fine job. (Listen to "Jerusalem" on Cara's MySpace site, and you'll see what I mean.) So I get to have warm fuzzies on her account, too, when I listen to the CD. (Anie also taught me to knit, coincidentally.) Anie just generally folks my world!

I started a new pair of socks, not to be revealed till they're a little further along, and I LOVE THEM! I'm living on the edge with these ones, too - nary a shade of blue or purple to be seen; they're red. Luscious!

There's a new chocolate shop in our neighbourhood that makes the best hot chocolate ever. Maybe. There's a knitting meet-up next week at another chocolate shop in Yaletown. I'm stoked to check it out and compare notes on the two.

Enough Wednesday rambling for the moment. I'm gonna go slice some more tomatoes before bed!


Zardra said...

Thanks for the recommendation of Cara Luft's new album. I found it on iTunes and just bought it cause it sounds great.

Rebecca said...

Hot chocolate, good music, knitting, and red socks - yay!