Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I really can't think of a clever title for a post, much as I'd like to! This is actually the third time since Sunday that I've started a post, but the last two times I just fizzled out mid-sentence and had to give it up. Here's hoping I can get through this one! Maybe the full-moon vibes can give me a boost. Or maybe I'll just turn into a were-wolf. Or, more likely, a were-alpaca.

Last night, I found myself at the mercy of Our Lady of the Epithet, Rabbitch. So far, I have been holding out on the spinning front: it looks lovely, but I'm happy knitting socks, so thanks but no thanks. However, emboldened by her recent success in convincing my pal Jel to trade her soul for fibre, she just couldn't leave well enough alone. She made me fondle her roving, people. The merino was nice. The merino-silk was lovely (baby hamsters indeed!) But I was still holding my own, until she decided to play dirty. She made me touch her baby-camel-silk.

Unless some kind of intervention happens, soon, I'm afraid I'm lost. I'm a little apprehensive about that fact, but really, if I were playing with fibre that pretty and yummy and silky and luscious and sensuous and mmmmm...(oh! Sorry, just having a "personal moment" there. Ahem. Deep breath. OK, back on track...) Anyway, if I had that to play with, would I really miss my soul that much? Tough decision.

In blogging news, Pam the Yarn Goddess has surprised me by nominating me for a "Rockin' Blog Girl" award. Thanks, Pam! Yer swell! I'm delighted, not least because I hadn't encountered Pam before, and I'm quite enjoying her blog. Not to mention developing a severe case of Stash Envy! As far as I can tell, the procedure is now for me to pay it forward and nominate a few fab chicas in turn. If I could, I'd nominate darned near everyone in my favourites list! But since that'd prolly be overkill, I'll stick with five:

* Jel, new-ish to the world of (regular) blogging, fibre-ninja, cheese guru extraordinaire, and just darned fabulous human bean. It takes a special person to take photos of cat puke to email you while you're on holiday, to confirm that the beasties are OK. Thanks, hon!

* Rabbitch, who continues to be a bad influence on me (please don't stop!) and who should get to be prime minister on the basis of her vocabulary alone. I mean, assbeagle by itself would be enough!

* Barb, whose blog I have only recently discovered, and which I looooove. I've even decided I need to learn to make bagels now.

* Rebecca, who has a great new cat, a love of good coffee, great taste in sock yarn, and she knows what it's like to be married to a musician, and how handy a knitting habit is at a show.

* Rachel-a-go-go, who is a writing knitter (or a knitting writer?) and a cat person, whose Digit is amazing. Also, her wife has the coolest band name ever.

There ya have it. Go forth and continue to rock your blogs!

In other news, I was accosted on the street by a perfectly-coiffed, perfectly lip-lined and eyebrow-threaded Avon lady today. She asked me how to get to a bookstore, and when I gave her (rather hazy) directions, she gushed over my "great customer service skills." She wondered if I'd ever been in sales. Or if I would like to be in sales. Since she's the District Sales Manager, and she thought I'd be great at selling Avon.

Now, I have nothing against Avon or the ladies who sell it. But the idea of me selling cosmetics and beauty products is a little absurd. (Actually, if you'll excuse my language - or not - it's totally fucking hilarious!) I managed not to laugh when she asked me "what could be more fun than talking to ladies all day about make-up and jewellery?" as I was standing there in my hiking shoes, completely un-done hair, zero make-up (I did use some moisturizer with sunscreen on my face once or twice during the summer, does that count?), and no jewellery except my wedding ring. I mean, if I want to get really fancy, I might - might - put some anti-frizz goop in my hair. Before I ignore it and let it dry on its own.

The best part of my day, though, was when Mr.Q met me at work (supposedly to take the bus home together, but really it turned out that he had to work late, so he just met me to tell me to go home by myelf.) It was sunny, and I walked him back to his work-site before heading to the bus (and then being accosted by the Avon lady) Isn't he sexy in his work get-up?

Or maybe I'm just biased. But I can live with that!

(PS - Syd from the comments on the last post: the sock yarn in the photo is Blue Moon's "Love in Idleness" - you can see the finished socks a few posts back!)

(PPS - maybe now that I've actually used the F-word, I'll get better than a PG rating for my's good to have goals!)


Sarah from the Kootenays said...

I would buy cosmetics from you! Not to wear them of course, just to encourage the selling of them by you so I could giggle. Tee hee. As for spinning, sell your soul! (did I say that?) If you think a finished product that you have knitted is satisfying, try spinning it first. Even better is shearing the animal, cleaning and spinning the wool, THEN knitting a hat. (I havent tried dyeing yet) Seriously, its worth it!

Jelaina said...

awwww shucks!

Syd T. said...

Thanks for the reply about the sock yarn! The socks look great, love the way the color moves...too funny about the Avon lady! Now as for the spinning...oh come on over to the fiber is warm soft and soooo heavenly..and you can start with a drop spindle a small bag of don't have to get a wheel RIGHT away..besides you most likely have a ton of friends that would lend you one of thier wheels if you really really needed it...Just try a little spinning....There is such an amazing feeling to finish a project with yarn that your have spun.

Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

You're so welcome for the nomination! I so enjoy reading your blog (I have no idea how I found you - maybe through Rabbitch, whom I also nominated LOL), and I'm delighted that you also enjoy mine. Anybody who says "fuck" or some derivative is okey dokey in my book!

As for stash envy, thank you. I figure that by now, I could have bought a Corvette. But then again, I've had one, so why not go for the gusto and get some really good yarn? Besides, I don't have to take it in for oil changes, race people at stop lights, and worry about it getting stolen. There are advantages.

Sarah from the Kootenays said...

Okay, the Mary Kay thing was a sad scary blip in my otherwise semi-sane life. Must we go there? And I do respect my big sister. I would even be willing to set up a date for some llama shearing in the spring so you could have the pleasure of really starting from scratch. I even have access to a wheel. See? See how much I love you?