Saturday, September 29, 2007

Who knew that folk music could cause such a hangover?!

I really love the afternoon/evening light this time of year:

The photo was taken en route to a gig by Mr.Q's folk trio, the Gentle Infidels. They played at Trees Organic Coffee House, which supposedly has the best cheesecake in Vancouver. I can't say whether that's 100% true (I'd need to do a more scientific study...heheheheheheh!) but I thought I should give it a shot:

It was cranberry-orange cheesecake, and very, very good. Mr.Q tried the banana-white-chocolate, which was divine! The music was good, and the Horcrux sock & I really enjoyed ourselves:

I do wish the photo did better credit to the colours in the yarn, it's gorgeous. A couple of my friends joined us for the show, and afterward we went for "one quick beer." Which turned into several pitchers and a much later night than anticipated! So I'm having a bit of a rough go of it this morning, but Mr.Q has just put a cup of strong coffee in front of me, so I expect to feel quite a bit better in short order. Happy Saturday!


Camille said...

Hey Mrs Q,

I just sent you my blog via swap-bot and I thought I'd check out yours. Sounds like you are having fun up there in Canada!


Anonymous said...

I've found that "one quick beer" is code for "a few pitchers of beer" and least that's how it is down here! :) Love your blog - I'll be back!