Sunday, September 16, 2007

More squealing, but no jumping.

Thanks for the happy thoughts for the last post - I will indeed spill the beans as soon as possible. Meanwhile, in other happy (and fibre-related!) news - I got my Ravelry invite yesterday - wahoo! It's like Facebook for fibre addicts, and it's great. I've already found 2 local knitters on there, and the plethora of patterns and pretty pictures is amazing.

My good friend Isolde, from loooong time ago, was in town yesterday. We met up, sans spouses, for a few hours. We had a great visit. She's one of those people that even if you only see them once a year (or two years or whatever) it's like no time has passed. Plus, she's funny as hell. And she knits. So of course, we had to cap our visit with a little swing by the yarn store. (oooops!)

I was actually quite restrained. She was not. She has only just moved to Edmonton, and doesn't know where the yarn stores are there. So she felt she should stock up a little. (A very kind gentleman in the store directed her to a family member's website - - a knit designer with connections in Edmonton, who could recommend some shops. I do love how knitting allows all kinds of friendly connections! I've had a few of those in the last couple of days - another post, perhaps.)

We decided it would be fun to knit ourselves matching socks. She bought the yarn for both of us, to save me having to give up the other yarn over which I was having a bit of a...well...a moment, if you know what I mean. The kind of moment best enjoyed in private. Ahem.

The sock yarn we chose:

The orgasm-inducing yarn:

It's Malabrigo, soooo soft, and the colourway is "Azul Profundo" - Profound Blue. How could I resist? It was a most satisfying visit, all around!

Meanwhile...why the not-jumping today? Well, yesterday morning I sort of took a tumble down the steps from the living room into the hallway. I sort of mostly missed the second step, and dropped right to the (hard, tiled!) floor on my knees, bashing the shit out of my left shin and, I think, re-stretching the ligaments in my right ankle. I got off pretty lightly, actually, given that the tiles are hard enough that, as I was going down, I was sure I was going to shatter my knees. NOT the most fun I've had on a Saturday morning! However, I still have the brace from the last time I fracked up my ankle, and Mr.Q's been good for a lot of TLC.

Also, it meant I couldn't really do much after I got home in the afternoon, so I got to park myself on the couch and do a whack of knitting and watch movies all evening. Not so bad! I managed to finish these, finally:

Socks that Rock medium-weight, in the Love in Idleness colourway. They're just a bit big, but not as close to a slouch-sock revival as I'd feared. They'll be brilliant for keeping my toeses warm in the winter. And I was making myself finish them before I could really get into the other sock patterns I've been coveting...which I then got to play with last night! There'll be enough progress on those to justify pics in a day or two.

Must make coffee! The kettle's taking an awfully long time to boil.

(that would be because I hadn't turned it on - doh!)


Rabbitch said...

I wasn't able to do the dinner and wine thing last night, due to complete and utter exhaustion, so there was no falling down and no bruising Chez Lapin.

Thank you for taking up the slack for me. You're a saint.

See you on Ravelry!

knittingknigel said...

Hi, I'm the "kind gentleman" who suggested my step-daughter's link to your friend at Three Bags Full yesterday. And now you've added me to your Ravelry, how nice. Just a minor correction - my step-daughter, Holli Yeoh, lives here in Vancouver, and yes she is a knit wear designer of children's patterns (shameless plug -

However, she is originally from Edmonton and her mother still lives there, so there's a real connection. Her mother, Patti-Lynn Chevalier is a serious knitter too.

Nice to have met you - we may well meet again at Three Bags Full - I love that shop.

Sarah from the Kootenays said...

Ok I couldn't help it. I checked out Ravelry. When you start pimping your addictions to your little sister (who has managed for so long to have knitting as simply a "passtime") you have sunk to new low. I will thank-you later.

Rebecca said...

Ouch! I hope you mend quickly. I love finished socks...especially the part where you put them on and get to start a new pair! The yarns are beautiful. Friendly knitters are the best. I think what scares me in today's world is all the hatred. It's not that people are busy or rude or unhelpful, but that they hate. It's so relieving and encouraging to meet kind, friendly people.