Saturday, September 1, 2007

Recipe for the last long weekend of summer

No matter how many years I've been out of school, the Labour Day weekend always feels like the end of summer. After busy, busy weeks for both of us (Mr.Q has the blisters to prove it, poor guy!), I felt that we deserved a little something special and extravagant to start the weekend off right. Here's my recipe (add ingredients to taste; feel free to subsistitute where preferred) Preparation and cooking time varies.

Start with this, shaken-not-stirred:

If you don't have the proper shaker, this subsitution works well:

Add to taste:

And combine with:

Finally, gently fold in:

Let rest while satisfaction is achieved. Serve with your choice of a generous helping of good conversation, some sexy music, or a good movie. (I used "Woodstock" which worked well with the combination of flavours.)

(Please note that the last picture is askew not because I had too many martinis, but because I was trying to get the photo before Mr.Q inhaled the chocolate.)

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