Sunday, September 2, 2007

A first time for everything

Went downtown last night to hear some bands...I heard this before midnight, for the first time: "I'm tired, we can go whenever you're ready." This was unusual because it came from Mr.Q. Who has a hard time with the idea that a "night out" doesn't always have to mean all night out. Huh.

Meanwhile. The better part of a baguette was left over from our cheese frenzy the other night. They're really not good as day-old bread, and really not good as 2-day-old bread. What to do? A bread pudding, of course. With fresh-grated cinnamon, a rather large tablespoon or so of lemon zest, and a (very) generous splash of cointreau. Tres tasty!

Loving this long weekend 'bout you?


Sarah from the Kootenays said...

Is he broken?? Sick? PREGNANT???
Is this your version of shock and awe? Cry for help?

I think I just saw a pig hovering over the blue spruce......

Anie said...

i love your yarns, lady.

Rebecca said...

Your blog makes me hungry!