Saturday, August 29, 2009

All's well that ends well.

Haven't wanted to post of the last week's excitement until it was all over, and thanks to a phone call late yesterday afternoon, it will all be put to bed this morning. Very shortly. After coffee.

Last Friday, Mr.Q decided to take me out to dinner, no arguing allowed, and of course I didn't. We had a lovely meal, he went off to a practice and I went home for an evening of Dr.Who. I had meant to ask him which account he paid for dinner out of, but forgot. So when I got up Saturday morning, I went online to find out.

And discovered that someone had accessed our checking account overnight, making a "deposit" (hello, empty envelope!) and several withdrawls. To the tune of...well, just about everything we had in that account, plus a little. Good times!

Of course, I called and cancelled our debit cards right away, and we went down to the nearest branch as soon as it opened to get stuff sorted out. Except they couldn't "sort it out" immediately. Due to the nature of the incident, it was considered "unconfirmed skimming." Which meant that they had to do an investigation before they could decide whether we'd get our money back. Which could take a couple days or a couple weeks, they couldn't really say, and by the way they couldn't even start till Monday when the security office opened.

Again with the good times. So most of the week was spent playing phone tag with various people and hoping it would get sorted out before rent on the 1st. In the meantime, that "deposit" was adjusted for the empty envelope, leaving us rather in the red. There was indeed cursing and swearing. There may even have been some gnashing of teeth. And a lot of peanut butter sandwiches for lunch.

Until yesterday, when we got the call that they'd figured out what happened (we'll probably never know, I guess they don't like to tell people that kind of info, lest it give them ideas) So we have to go down to the branch today, fill out some forms, and the money will be magicked back into our account.


And WHEW! again.

I have to say, while the whole process was frustrating as all hell - and a little nerve-wracking - the credit union was pretty good about communicating what was going on, following up with us about questions, actually returning phone calls in a timely fashion. So we felt like we were in good hands. Still...not the most fun week ever!

But a happy ending, thankfully, and perfectly timed. And not just for that whole pesky rent thing. Being a strong supporter of local businesses, I will be doing my civic duty this morning by attending the opening of a new store in our neighbourhood. Almost right across the street from the credit union, in fact. Which means that, just as soon as our account is put to rights, I can go here and get myself a feel-better present.

I am in So. Much. Trouble.

And it's going to be so much fun!


Anonymous said...

We had a pile o money missing from our account - we'd tried to take it out at a machine, which reported we had taken it, but told us we didnt have any money in the account.
It took the back ( down east named one ) a MONTH to figure out what happened and give us back the money. A month! So you got off lucky i guess, although it's a crap thing to happen.

Anonymous said...

back=bank of course..duh ..waiter? more coffee please...

Barb said...

It just makes me so furious that people are out there putting an enormous amount of energy into stealing from other people. I know I'm naive but it just seems like if we could channel that into some sort of GOOD, we could solve a world of problems. It's like the people who spend their lives programming viruses to infect and destroy people's computers... what a waste of energy and talent.

I'm glad you have had a mostly happy ending to a terrible week.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Yikes, that had to be nerve wracking. And while I like peanut butter, I like it when *I* choose to eat it!

Would that new store going in be a yarn store, perhaps?