Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Friday's child is full of...more yarn!

Friday morning I had another class, of which I will not speak (much). Though with a few days to ponder, I think if either a) the class description had been more accurate; or b) the class was a full day instead of 3 hours...Then I think I would have had a different experience. And there was some consolation when I discovered that many of the other students shared my feeling. However, I was easily able to soothe myself with another trip to the marketplace, and a very good blackberry milkshake with lunch.

But first, there was more important business to attend to. The breaking of a Guinness world record (we hope - final decision yet to be announced!) I almost bailed on this, and I'm so glad I didn't - it was a hoot! Just me and 934 of my new friends:

Including Arctic Knitter (who was very gracious when I totally got her name wrong when I ran into her right after Cat Bordhi's class the day before! Then again, we were all experiencing brain-melt!)

My wee bit of knitting for the cause:

And...there was this to look forward to:

More Kinnearing of the fine ladies of ST-1:

I'm glad to see a glass of wine in Stephanie's hand. She certainly earned it. I'm convinced that all the women in ST-1 and ST-2 are imbued with superpowers. They're certainly not mere mortals like the rest of us!

There was Twisting (apparently a couple glasses of wine, and I think I can dance like I'm 16 again. I paid for it the next day, but it was well worth it!)

There was much laughter (that's my room-mate Annimol, she was a blast):

And emergency surgery on knitpixxie's wedding veil:

The woman, to quote moonbrain, has balls of cast iron. She walked around all weekend getting the instructors and luminaries to knit a few stitches each on the veil. Including Meg Swansen and Barbara-freaking-Walker. How cool is that?!

One little critter, taking a time out from the dancing....

It was a full day, indeed!

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Arctic Knitter said...

Fun times! I didn't go to all of the events - looks like they were a lot of fun!