Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sunday's child desperately needs a nap, but is unlikely to get one any time soon.

Sunday morning, I didn't have any classes. So I took advantage of the opportunity to have one last stroll (or two) through the marketplace, and check out the Sock Museum:

Then I headed downtown to spend some much-needed time alone in the Classical Chinese Gardens:

Apparently, I wasn't the only one with that idea, as I saw a few other Summiteers sitting alone in the tea house. It was a perfect little interlude, before heading back for the Luminary Panel.

A collection of eight pioneers in the fibre arts...also, dynamic, creative, witty, empowered women with a love of history and adventure...moderated by two humble visionaries who made a lot of magic for a lot of people.

Capped things off with a 10-person crew for dinner out (at a restaurant with cutlery!) Much laughing and sharing (and some decent Indian food) made for good closure. Though we never did answer the question, "Now what? How do we go back to "real" life and explain this to people?"

Annimol and I stayed up late talking, long after we turned the lights off. The next morning, she said what I'd been thinking: Maybe if we didn't go to sleep, it wouldn't end?

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