Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Saturday's child is totally stoned on the yarn fumes.

Saturday morning, I had a class with JC Briar, Cast-on Cornucopia. Going in, I thought it might be a bit basic for me, but maybe good review. Boy, was I wrong! Even the stuff I thought I knew was full of light-bulb moments, and I learned a whack of new techniques. JC was a fantastic teacher - clear, engaging, and saintly-patient. I wish I'd been able to get into her Bind-off class, too - apparently it was just as excellent.

Saturday evening was the Ravelry party, at the lovely World Forestry Center. The folks from Rav put on a fine shin-dig, complete with swag bags and goodies:

There were, of course, socks:

And some very, very fine semi-local porter:

We capped off the evening with a stop at Voodoo Donuts...we waited in a half-block line-up for a good half-hour, and it was well-worth it.

It's not every day you get crunched up Butterfinger bars, or mini-M&Ms, or Froot Loops on your donuts!

(Yes, there are Froot Loops on those donuts. For really and for true! I loved Portland....)

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