Sunday, August 2, 2009

"When it's just not right, it's just not right"

(Most of this has been lifted from beentsy - thanks, darlin', for permission to plagiarize!)

...By that I mean the HST that the provincial Liberal government has suddenly decided to saddle my fair province with. I don’t normally rant about politics but this is oh so very wrong. If you agree, please write to your MLA and tell them so. Or go here and sign a petition that the NDP has set up. At least it’s one way of saying ‘NO’ to this tax.

It’s time to remind the government that they are there by our good graces, not because it is their right.

(At this point, dear beentsy mentions putting away her soapbox. Here's hoping she's just putting it down to grab a pitchfork. Seriously, people, this just sucks. It blows big, hairy, smelly, Gordo-goats. Please take a minute to write your MLA! And for the love of wool, take a minute to find out, from a source other than the BC government, just how much this is going to cost you. Then, do something!)


Anonymous said...

I'm woefully uninformed on this subject. I decided to start reading the government's statements on the matter, and go from there. My first big problem arises with this statement:

"In addition, consumers will benefit as the current PST paid by business is removed from the price of goods."

Umm... yeah, that's sort of assuming that businesses will actually adjust their prices to reflect the change in tax. Which they won't. Because why would they, when they could keep prices the same and reap a higher margin?

Or am I wrong about that? Hmm...


Anonymous said...

I see they later wrote:

"Based on evidence from the Atlantic Provinces with HSTs it is expected that the PST currently embedded in the price of goods and services will be removed quickly and savings will be passed through to consumers, much in the first year."

I'd like to see that evidence...