Sunday, August 2, 2009

News from the (hot) front

Sorry it's been awhile (again) But really, there's been nothing to post. It's been too damned hot to do anything to post about. Crazy-hot. We've been living on cold cereal and water. Spending a lot of time laying sideways across the top of the bed, right under the ceiling vent with the "air conditioning" coming through. (I'm not sure it's really AC, but it's cooler than the air in the rest of the apartment, so we'll take it, thanks! Unfortunately, it seems to have been turned off, so I think the landlords may have gone away for the weekend. I haz a big sad!)

Anyhoo. Gearing up for Sock Summit (squee!)...almost finished my Sock Hop socks (though it may be too hot to wear them!) Practicing a couple techniques for classes, finalizing plans, organizing stuff to pack, preparing to have my brain completely melted and looking forward to it! (Three more sleeps! Not that I'm counting or anything.)

Of course, life doesn't stop just because there's a Sock Summit. Even if it should. (Follow the links, if you're interested, for picks of the banners on the streetlamps in Portland. And the Mayor's proclamation, declaring next week "Sock Knitting Week.")

No, there are still other things going on. Like helping the cats deal with the heat...lots of water consumption all around, Chez Quimby. Cats sprawled on tile floors or under beds, or uncharacteristically staying out all night when the temperature is more bearable. And also taking advantage of the air flow from the vent above the head of our bed:

I know. The feline dignity just oozes from every furry pore, does it not? He's actually doing a better job of sharing than usual. Normally, he just pushes your head right off the pillow.

Also spent a lovely day out in the 'burbs with Sis & her husband. I'm not sure that poking around un-air-conditioned antique shops was the wisest idea, but the frozen chocolate drink from a hand-made chocolate boutique was quite divine! We also took a quick jaunt out to one of the wineries in the area. It's a fruit winery, with some lovely strawberry, cranberry, pear-and-apple, blueberry, etc, table wines.

There was wine tasting, and a little more shopping than perhaps there ought to have been...Some dry white cranberry wine, some slightly-sweet strawberry wine, and a blackberry "port"....maybe a little extravagant, but it is our anniversary tomorrow, and since it's too hot to cook - perhaps a cheese-and-wine picnic will be just the thing! We also picked up a jar of maple syrup & walnut "cheese pleaser" spread. Which will be amazing with some cambozola or chevre on a baguette. Nom nom nom!

An afternoon in the sun left us pretty fried, so we went back to Sis' place and let our feet soak in the "spa" (a kiddie-pool on their balcony) before going out for Mexican food and then ice cream. A decadent day indeed! Somewhat long, and too much time in the sun, but that just made for a solid sleep last night.

A last pic of the winery, since Sis likes to show off her belly:

(And I'm happy to indulge her, as she's being a very dutiful Little Sister and giving me a new neice or nephew for Christmas!)


Anonymous said...

And that's all you're going to get cause I'm probaby be to tired to shop....

Monica (aka monnibo) said...

OMG that's hilarious. I love the photo. Henry does that to my head sometimes but he doesn't look quite as smug about it. LOL