Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So...Sock Summit 2009 was everything I hoped it would be, and more. It was a hilarious, heartwarming, edifying, inspiring, validating, astonishing, life-changing, yarn-fondling, friend-making, marvellous gathering of the tribe. If you weren't there, I can't really explain it to you. If you were, I don't need to (and I miss each of you, my 2000 new best knitting friends!) Regardless of which group you fall into, words will not suffice. But I can't not document it. So I'm going with a (small) photo essay, day by day, of the magic that was SS09....

Beginning with coming off the plane in Portland, having had the excellent company of GlennaC and moonbrain at the airport in Vancouver and on the flight south:

I was greeted warmly by the sign at my hotel (yes, I squee-d):

The view from my hotel room - the Oregon Convention Centre, just across the street:

The banners on the street around the OCC were even cooler in real life (yes, there was more squee-ing):

At registration, trying my hand at Kinnearing the instigator of the sport:

(Yes, that's the back of the Yarn Harlot's head. Again with the squee-ing.)

And finally, a trip (my first!) to Trader Joe's for snacks and essentials:

(For other Canadian readers, can I just point out the price on that wine? OMG! You can barely buy a latte up here for that!)

Then it was early to bed, the better to be prepared for a full day on Thursday.


Arctic Knitter said...

Squeeeeeee indeed!!! Hubby ran off w/my camera, so I'll have to wait to post about my SS experience. :0)

Anonymous said...

does the price really say 5.99?

Mrs.Q said...

Yes, it really says $5.99. Doesn't it make you feel faint?