Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A few of my favourite things...

I thought it was past time to post some pics of the lovely gifties that prickle presented me with at the Festivus Miracle Swap. She knitted up some cozy wrist-warmers, and added some stretchy gloves to layer underneath; I have barely taken them off since Saturday, as it's been cold here! She also felted a funky Bodum-cozy that does a most excellent job of keeping the coffee toasty-warm. And she included a sweet wee ornament & very cool apron, both made by her mother. (Thanks, prickle's mom!) The apron is rather more wrinkled than when I got it, as it too has been put to much use. (There was also a packet of cute little note-cards, which will be perfect for writing thank-you notes to practicum students when they leave my class.) All in all, I felt quite spoiled!

Here's a closer-upper shot, so you can see the pattern on the gloves & the wee stocking ornament more clearly:

Yes indeedy, quite spoiled! And on Monday, I got an even better Christmas present: Little Sis finally had her baby, and I get to be an auntie again! He's a strapping laddie by the name of Liam, and I have to wait till Saturday to meet him. It's killing me, too. If I can manage between snorgles and trying not to eat him (he is soooo adorable!) I will try to get some pics of him in his Baby Surprise Jacket. Which will probably only fit him for another week, so it's now or never!

Now, because I am clearly crazy, I am off to start a hat for one of Mr.Q's friends. I am such a sucker - the more so because he wants black, dear Bob! - but I couldn't resist someone who a) is so awed by knitting (and thought it was even more amazing that it wouldn't take me dozens and dozens of hours to knit a hat! I must be super-knitter! Wow!); and b) offered me a big bottle of Baileys as payment.

(I just can't take money for knitting from friends; the idea of charging them an hourly rate that fairly compensates me for my time is absurd. I'd far rather knit only for those who appreciate it, and work out a trade.)

So. As I said. Off to knit. Black. (Heavy) sport weight. I must be flipping nuts!


Kat said...

Oh wow! The does cozy look better on the bodum than off.

yarnpiggy said...

What a lucky sausage you are! I totally need a Bodum cozy. :-)

A big bottle of Bailey's in return for one hat? Sounds like a good trade. :-)

Annie said...

Nice haul! Congrats on being an auntie again! Can I use a few more exclamation points!!

The Boy requested black wrist warmers. He even picked the sock weight yarn at Stitches. Sigh. Good thing he's only 6 with smallish wrists, that I lurv him to bits, and I only have the thumbs left!