Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tonight we're gonna party like it's...Oh wait, that was 10 years ago!

New Year's Eve: a day that lends itself to introspection, retrospectives, and thoughts on lessons learned. And I have learned a lot, especially over the last 2 blissful holiday-ing weeks. Shall I share? Oh, alright then - here you go:

I have learned....

*That I could happily not leave the house, or even get out of my pajamas, for days at a time. At least, in winter.

*That said days-not-leaving-the-house are a wonderful opportunity for sleeping in, cuddling with beasties, reading, making vasty vats of soup, baking bread, even organizing cupboards.

*That Firefly just never gets old.

*That a low-key Christmas spent with good people is always enjoyable. Even if I did miss my family, and may have been the teensiest bit homesick.

*That I would happily be a kept woman, if it were financially feasible; and Mr.Q would definitely enjoy "keeping" me if it meant coming home from work to fresh-baked bread on a regular basis.

*That we can eat an entire loaf of fresh-baked bread in a day. And it's even better when toasted & spread with my Mom's rockin' peach jam. (NOM!)

*That I don't miss going downtown at all. Not one teensy-tiny littlest bit.

*That weekdays off mean more opportunities to spend time with friends not often seen.

*That, while I may show remarkable restraint at a Boxing Day yarn sale, I am still weak-like-kitten in the face of a BMFA "Rare Gems" sale. (Oooops!)

*That I have a lot to be grateful for, and if I have one "resolution" for 2010 (besides avoiding brain-meltage during the Owelympics in Feb!) it's to try to be more conscious of the many blessings in my life. Starting with my awesome husbeast, as we come up on 10 years together. (TEN YEARS. OMGWTFBBQ!) I'll spare you the mushballs for now, but that's only coz I have to go get ready for our date tonight. (I think this is maybe the 3rd NYE, out of 10, that I've had him as an actual date, not part of the entertainment! Woot!)

However you choose to bring in the new year tonight, may you be safe, warm & loved while you do it. And may the New Year - and the new decade! - hold much wonderful-ness for you and yours.

(Wow. That turned out a lot sappier than I intended! Well, you know what? I'm just gonna run with that!)

Happy New Year, from all of us Chez Quimby!

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(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Happy New Year to you guys! We're staying in and having Chinese take out for us and the dogs. Yeah, the dogs get it on New Years too. Poor deprived babies.