Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Finally sitting down after a mad afternoon of Christmas baking. There's a cookie exchange at work tomorrow, so I had to make several dozen. It's a new recipe, too, which required some fiddling to finally get it sorted...Even so, perhaps a quadruple batch was a little much! Especially coz my arms were pretty tired after a day of carrying this not-so-wee laddie around:

(Note the very twee jacket! I am such a clever auntie!)

Mr.Q even got in on the action, though he was quite nervous at first. When it comes to babies, he seems to think that he'll either break them, or they'll start doing gymnastics and flip themselves out of his arms. Or both. But he did try, a couple times even, and by this morning, he was a bit more comfy:

Yes indeedy, there was much snorgling going on! And eating - Mom cooked a huge turkey dinner last night, and a big breakfast this morning. And probably more discussion of the mechanics of childbirth and baby poo than Mr.Q probably ever needed to know!

Then we made our way home to this:

Given the weather, cookie exchange notwithstanding, it's been a perfect afternoon to bake cookies. Dozens and dozens of them. (And I still have half the dough to bake up! Oy!) I also made some tiger butter:

Which will hopefully finally set, now that the oven's off and it can cool down in here a bit! IN the meantime, we've been working our way through Mr.Q's rather eclectic collection of seasonal LPs. The Joan Baez currently playing may make me want to stab my eyes out. But the Canterbury Choir was positively goose-bumpy!


(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Tiger butter? What do you do - over-whip tigers the way you can heavy cream?

EdaMommy said...

Oh wow - hadn't heard of tiger butter - looks fun, and easy enough to veganize, too. ^_-

Grats to your family - what fun to soak up all that baby fabulousness!!

Shawna said...

What is Tiger butter? It looks interesting. And I just wanted to say that the wee jacket is beautiful!!!