Wednesday, December 2, 2009

High Winds White Sky

Came home a little later than I expected tonight; various diversions, all of them pleasant, conspired against my planned arrival time, so it was practically dark when I got off the bus. Also, said diversions conspired against me being anywhere near a washroom for rather awhile, and as a result, I really had to pee by that time.

As I was walking (quickly, but trying to minimize the jolts!) down the hill toward home, I noticed an odd glow behind the mountains. It was the moon, still a few minutes from rising, but crazy-bright. Of course, I had to stop and watch it clear the peaks. Casting a long, silver path on the out-going tide in the inlet. It was stunning. And so good to just stop and watch the world. All the traffic funnelling across the bridge, I wonder if any of them noticed. Heavy frost crunching underfoot in the moonlight. It was a perfect moment.

(Except for the having-to-pee thing. Fortunately that was soon resolved!)

Dinner ended up being a toasted bagel with cheddar and sliced tomato. With the odd accompaniment of "Easter Week & After: Songs of the IRA"; Yma Sumac; and the Boney M Christmas Album. Next up on rotation: the Sesame Street Christmas record. Oh my.

I may have to go find some eggnog now, as a vehicle for something more medicinal.

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