Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Yes, that's right my friends. Another year gone by, and it's the season we've all been waiting for. Time to cozy up for another chilly Canadian holiday season...bundle up by the fireplace, mugs of eggnog or other festive cheer close at hand, and....

Oh! Oh. You thought I meant Christmas! Silly me. No, no, non. I mean, there is that too. But I'm talking about that uniquely Canuck-ian winter occasion: the official release of next March's Canada Reads book list.

It's something I've followed along with ever since my bookstore days of yore. But I haven't really sat down & read all 5 books or bothered with more than the highlights of the debates since I left the bookstore to move out here 5 years ago. So I'm 'specially excited that some of my yarny pals have jumped on the bandwagon (or let me jump on theirs?) And we're going to book-club it together. (Let's not mention just how long it's been since I've had the fun of a reading group!)

There are many, many reasons why I'm proud to be a Canadian...our stunning natural wilderness; our Women's National Hockey Team (the men do OK, too); Superman; basketball; insulin; Julie Payette; Rick Mercer; the Yarn Harlot; our beer; Marg Delahunty...And right near the top of that list is the notion of making reading a national event. (I believe the actual quote was "literary smack-down.") Complete with celebrity defenders of their favourite titles.

Quite frankly, we rock.

(Though we should probably apologize for Celine Dion and Nickelback. Forgive us?)

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Anonymous said...

We are most profoundly ashamed of Nickelback and Celine, but on the other side of the scale, we have Margaret Laurence, Margaret Atwood, Carol Shields, the Tea Party, Blue Rodeo, and the Arrogant Worms (hee hee). Surely that balances somehow...