Saturday, December 5, 2009

I Love Saturday

I love Saturdays that feel lazy, but are actually quite productive. (Actually, I love most days like that!) There was a bit of sleeping in, some housework, a walk in the sun, a couple Christmas parcels mailed, some errands run....and a few photos taken! It's been too long since this here blog has seen any knitting content. Not because I haven't been knitting, just coz none of it's been at an interesting place to document.

But. I've been working frantically to get the last of the finishing done on the baby sweaters. As said baby is taking his/her sweet time emerging, and I did not want any of my unfinished baby knits to be responsible!

Pics of the knits in question...Baby Surprise Jacket the First - just under 2 skeins of Koigu - the first pic shows the whole jacket; pic #2 is closer to the real colour:

And BSJ 2 - Mission Falls 136, just over 2 skeins; the second pic shows the buttons more clearly:

(I swear, I could knit these things just to play with buttons!) At any rate, all outstanding baby knits are finished, washed & blocked, so the Pickle has no more excuses to stall the Grand Entrance!

And that's all I can show you for today; my other interesting FO is destined for my Festivus swap partner...To be delivered at tonight's Terminal City Yarn Wranglers' Festivus gathering at a downtown pub.

I'm looking forward to the looks on their faces when 18 knitters descend upon them and partake of the Saturday Sangria special...I somehow doubt it'll be what they expected! (And they were told it would be a group of knitters; the woman who made the reservation asked for somewhere with good lighting so we could knit....)


Clearly I am too easily amused.


monnibo said...

such cute buttons!!! *sings* here comes peter cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail. hippity hopping easter's on it's way!!!

KnitNana said...

They are so cute!!!