Sunday, December 20, 2009

A week in pictures

A busy weekend, settling into holiday mode after a very frenetic couple of weeks. I think I’m finally rested up enough to appreciate that I’ve got 2 weeks to relax. Before I get back to the endless black hole of baking (I'm trying chocolate crinkle cookies. I think they're a hit: Mr.Q told me they "made his knees happy.") here are a few of the last week's highlights...

Took a group of students to see the Christmas lights at Van Dusen Gardens. It was wet, but excellently festive:

Blasted through a crazy week getting marking etc. finished up before the holiday, and slept like the dead for about 10 hours on Friday night. Saturday was a great day, as I had a man in uniform show up on my doorstep with a surprise:

(I wonder what could be inside? Surely it must be something special, don't you think?)

Mmmmmm! Semi-local honey mead. Several bottles. Merry Christmas to me! It got me through the rest of those damned cardamom cookies (note to self: cut-out cookies are evilness!).

And I started the chocolate crinkle cookies this morning. They taste even better than they look:

I'm going to have to booby-trap the rest of the batch so Mr.Q can't eat them all.

I did a little giftmas sneaking around today while he thought I was at knitting. (I mean, I was at knitting, and maybe also Three Bags Full, where I may or may not have sort of accidentally-on-purpose acquired a skein of Sweet Georgia's Cash Silk Lace in her "Nightshade" colourway...if pressed, I will insist that the voices made me do it. Specifically, beentsy's voice.) At any rate, I left early and was very tricksy. I'm feeling quite pleased with myself. I have it on good authority that "Santa" is bringing me a DVD of Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog, and there needs to be some carefully-chosed reciprocity for a gift as thoughtful as that.

I am so sneaky. I would make an awesome super-villain. After I finish baking all these cookies.

Oh! Look at my wrist, gotta go!


Anonymous said...

Hey, anytime you need that little voice in your ear, just give a call. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes sneaky. And then posting it on the

(oh, and that beentsy seems like a dangerous character...)


Arctic Knitter said...

Cool lights & yummy cookies! I, too, am looking forward to the next 2 weeks of no lesson planning or grading. :0) Enjoy the holidays!

Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

I LOVE those cookies! My next-door neighbor used to make them when I was a kid. She always gave my family a big plate full of different kinds, but I got a "special" plate; those were always on it. Just seeing them again made me want to go get the cookbook that I think they're in and make a big batch. If we weren't going home for the holidays, I would.

Merry Qmas to you and the Mr! :)

monnibo said...

I love going to VanDusen to see the lights! Those cookies look sooooo good!!