Thursday, January 11, 2007


I know not all of you are knitters (yet....heheheheheh!) but indulge me, go here, and check out the Jan.11th post. I'm steaming out my ears and muttering 4-letter words at the fantastic idiocy of banks. I am resolved to buy a lottery ticket this weekend. Everyone has vague dreams of what they'd do if they won the lottery, usually involving cars and houses and maybe yachts and travel and warm, sandy beaches and pool-boys massaging sunscreen on their backs and feeding them peeled grapes....oh! Sorry, was that out loud? Ahem. Anyway.

If I win a large chunk of money, I have a very specific plan involving student loans. See, many of them can be paid off in one fell swoop without penalty. So I would start with mine, and then pay off as many of my friends', family's, acquantainces', waitresses', bus drivers', etc, as I could. Thereby fucking the banks out of tens of thousands of dollars in criminally high interest.

Mwah hah hah hah hah.

On the sock front, so far so good. I am about done the ribbing for the cuff on Sock #1. Twice. Since I thought it was too small at first. I was wrong, but only realized this after taking it off the needles. Ooops! I'll post a picture when it's a bit longer.

And some good news this week...I had been laid off from the school where I work, just before Christmas. In a rather distressing and poorly-handled manner. I've been subbing almost constantly since then, at the same school, which has been nice as far as rent coming up and all that. But a little odd as far as morale and peace (piece?) of mind go. However, yesterday I had a very satisfying conversation about it all with one of the senior staff; and the same afternoon, was offered full-time hours again, starting next week. Whew! Rollercoasters never did do much for my digestion. I'm still wary, of course, but it seems like this is more common than not in this industry, and I really enjoy both my colleagues and the students there. So. I 'spect I'll sleep a little better tonight!

(And maybe celebrate with a wee trip to the yarn store.....!)

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