Sunday, January 21, 2007

Oops! I did it again...

Well. We inherited a really nice bed from my sister, and we went out to her new place in Langley to pick it up. Now, SHE hasn't seen her new place yet, as she's still in I got to see it first! HAHAHAHAHA! (Seriously, it's a nice condo, and we also met her fiance's parents who came out to help him get the place set up, and they made us a HUGE lunch and were very friendly. I came home and called her to say I approved of her marrying into his family. Like I have anything to say about it!)

So we got home, took apart our old bed and set up the new one, and sat on it for a minute, and agreed: Lovely! And got up and went back to bustling about. We'd gone to Value Village on the way out to Langley, and scored big time. Work clothes for both of us, and some records for Ferdy. I had to clear out my closet and get rid of some stuff while the new stuff was in the wash, to make room for it (Two BIG bags gone - how liberating! - so much that I was going to title this entry "Binge and purge")

Mr.Q left about 8:00 to go live the rocknroll fantasy, and I thought: I'll just go cuddle with the cats on that new bed for a few minutes. I crawled under the covers and thought again: Lovely! It feels like being in a big, soft nest. Mmmm!

And that was my last thought until I woke up again at 1:30 A.M. Doh! Two weekends in a row. I have GOT to quit living this fast life! I was all perky and blog-surfing when Mr.Q got home just before 3:00. I did manage to sleep again for a couple of hours, thankfully. I'm currently listening to a knitting podcast. It's actually really interesting, an interview with a man who learned to knit in South America as a child, and now teaches knitting classes at his sons' elementary school to provide an alternate lunchtime activity for kids who aren't crazy about sports. More than half the kids in his classes are boys. Cool!

Tomorrow: second sock knitting class: heels and gussets. I'll post a progress report after, as I know that my family, at least, are waiting anxiously for an update.....right, guys? Right?

(For the record, some of what went to the thrift store last night included some hoarded yarn that I would never, ever use, that I didn't even like, and that would surely make someone else happy. So I'm not THAT much of an addict!)

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