Sunday, January 14, 2007

Circadian Arrhythmia

Oy! Friday night I had lovely puttering plans....knit a little, maybe a very little bit of housework, a quick jaunt to the grocery store for stuff to make cinnamon buns for Saturday, a bit of reading, some hot chocolate with Bailey's....a relaxing, indulgent night to myself, while Mr.Q was out at a show.

Nope! Fell asleep at 7:30. And I mean ASLEEP. Woke up just before 3:00, wide awake. Ooops! So I was up for a couple of hours...made Mr.Q a grilled cheese sandwich when he got home in the wee small hours, knit a couple more inches on my sock...finally managed to get back to sleep around 5:00 for a couple of hours. So much for sleeping in on Saturday!

We went out to have dinner and hear some music at the Railway Club last night. Tasty burgers, great tunes, lots of fun all around. But we left after the second band, around midnight, since I'd been up since before 8:00. I am such an old fart! But a well-rested one...

And of course, I've been up since about 6:00 this morning, as a result of my muddled sleep schedule. Rickin' frackin'! So far this morning, I have played online Scrabble, browsed a few blogs, done dishes, and started dough rising for those cinnamon buns. It's not even 8:30. On the weekend. Blarg!

At least it's been a productive weekend, in a good way (as in, some creativity and enjoyment involved, not just "Yay, the bathroom's clean!") Yesterday morning I worked on some cards for a swap:

Yesterday afternoon, we toodled about the neighbourhood, enjoying the sunshine and the coffee shop:

And there has been significant progress on The Sock (they grow up so quickly....sigh!):

Whew! And into the week again....I've had two different friends ask me this week if I'd teach them to knit. Which is exciting, not even for the knitting part (I'll get you all, and your little dogs too, heheheheheh!) but because they are both people I'd enjoy spending more time with. And where a mere "coffee-date" might seem unimportant and easily-blown-off in a hectic life, a "knitting night" gives it a focus that makes it easier to follow through with plans. Knitting a new kind of social fabric. What fun!

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Anie said...

I am so enjoying catching up on you as I have some quiet time. You neice Selah is sleeping on our bed, levi about to arrive from chess club any minute. Finn is, i think, dimanteling his crib as Wrenny saws logs. Fires cracklin, hearts warm, a few rows of knitting may actually come to fruition..if i stop blogging soon!