Monday, January 1, 2007

Look, Dad! No Hands!

Whew! I've just used the card-reader thingy that my Dad gave me, all by myself for the very first time. Though I accidentally deleted one of the pictures in the process...oh well! (And yes, Dad, I even remembered to do the "remove hardware safely" bit.) So. I give you the Best Christmas-Decorated House Ever:

Somebody actually took the time to build facing out of plywood for their whole house. I have no idea what they used for the "frosting" but it looks great. Which does, of course, make one wonder whether they might have too much time on their hands. But that's too cynical an attitude for this house, really. It's just freakin' COOL! It looks surprisingly realistic, and just plain fun. It lives in our neighbourhood, too. I like our neighbourhood.

I also like averted disasters, such as this:

If you look carefully, you'll see that the top of the can is distended and bent. That's because somebody put this in our freezer when we had a Christmas party (two weeks ago!) and I found it there yesterday. Thankfully unexploded. THAT would have been a big, icky mess to clean up. And a waste of a Guiness, which would be the true shame.

Our night last night was mellow and musical and lovely. The New Year was brought in well, in good company. I can't tell you about the different Chardonnays, because we (I) didn't quite get through the first bottle. It was Wild Horse Canyon, and rather nice. I'm going to spend today in my PJs relaxing, reading and maybe knitting a bit. Probably a nap with the cats will be in order. Something tasty and simple for dinner...a Mediterranean "stir fry" with zucchini, tomatoes and chick peas, and lots of cumin, I think. A limoncello-liqueur soaked cake for dessert. I think I'll leave the Christmas decorations up just one more day, squeeze every last drop out of my time off....

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Anie said...

sounds so cozy. i love all the details..i'll be enjoying keeping up with you like this Glady, me friend!! So good to see you and have some tea the other day.