Thursday, January 4, 2007

Woo hoo! Just had a bit of a knit-up with a knitting pal, always good conversation, and productive, too! I think it's just a good excuse for us to get together and giggle and talk about boys and stuff. She was in Ontario for Christmas, and made a pilgrimage for me. Since I'm taking this sock knitting class, I needed some appropriate needles, and I've been coveting some of these for some time. She picked me up a set in ebony. They're beautiful. The (wonderfully) batty lady at the yarn store in Nelson says using them is (and I quote) "like knitting with silk." What more could a girl ask for? At least, a girl who prefers textiles to sparkly things like diamonds.

(I'm not sure that the yarn habit's much cheaper....)

(And it's not like I'd turn down the diamonds...!)

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