Sunday, February 4, 2007

Happy Monday Eve....

Loverly weekend away, though short...lovely to see the kids, Dad, try to pull off a surprise party for Mom's birthday. Here I am modelling the special birthday hat which I made for her:

There are more pics, of course, but it wouldn't be fair to Mom to show them. And I'm such a dutiful daughter....!!!!!

Knitting news...Sock the First is ready for the last class on Tuesday, just a few steps away from finishing. Sock the Second isn't far behind. I'm about to dip my toe into the world of felting (otherwise known as Shrinking on Purpose). And I've just had my first foray into freeform knitting without a pattern:

A warm, cozy headband. What you can't see (and what I won't show you, since it's awful and I'd hate for a Real Knitter to see it) is that this project includes my very first buttonhole....boy do I ever need a drink now!) There was some experimenting with increases and decreases to shape the underside so it's not all bunchy under my hair. I love it, so far.

I suppose these aren't the most flattering pictures of me, but I do think they show off my handiwork rather well. Look at the pretty colours and sparkly bits instead...

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Anie said...

buttonhole! my dear girl-that is worth one shot of whisky and a chaser of some sort!!
sparkles it is!