Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Poor me

I am SICK, sick like a dog. (Why "like a dog"? Most dogs are usually a lot healthier, and less drooly, than I feel right now!) I had the foresight to prep for a sub while I was (foolish enough to be) at school yesterday, so I am actually taking a sick day. Gasp! Drugs are good, they are helping a little...minimizing the sneezing, at least, which is a blessing! I keep thinking: "OH! I've got a day to myself! I could...wash dishes, sweep, mop the floor, clean out the closet in my Magic Room, get dressed...." And as soon as I've finished thinking about it, I have to have another nap. I'd love to walk down to the drugstore, just to get out - and we're going to need toilet paper by the end of the day, the way I'm blowing my nose (I could actually pay for some of that kleenex with lotion in it...oh, the decadence!) But I suspect I'd have to have a nap by the time I got there, and then how would I get home? I feel like this is living inside my sinus cavity:

(I mean the creature, not Steve McQueen...) So I am trying to knit a bit and drink a lot of juice. (I may actually turn into a grapefruit soon...which might be interesting!) The cats have been quite companionable, and are making great sacrifices to keep me company by staying in bed with me, and even keeping the bed warm while I'm up:

And I am wandering about in my PJs, my befuddled brain pondering the mysteries of life, such as Whether I Should Watch Season 2.5 of Battlestar Galactica Without Ferdy, and Why So Many Knitters Seem to Have Cats AND Watch BSG....And this scenario: One of my Mexican students was wearing a lovely, intricately-cabled sweater the other day. I complimented her on it, and she said her mother had made it. "Really?" I asked - the work was quite exquisite. When she said "Yes," I stepped a little closer to have a better look. She laughed. "My other teacher told me about you!" she said. Hmph.

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Anie said...

oh blah! get better soon..wish i could send some cozy food your way!