Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Houston, we have a sock.

I know that my mother would really rather I had become an astronaut instead of a knitter. Or, failing that, an interpreter for the UN. Or a pilot. All I can say is that at least my feet will be warm. Or one of them, anyway. Hopefully there will be a mate for Sock The First sooner rather than later. Since I've ripped out and re-done the heel THREE F$%#ING TIMES for Sock the Second. But really I'm OK with that. Because last night, I did THIS:

Hooray for me! I felt quite triumphant, grafting the toe and weaving in the ends. Though the victorious thrill was tempered by an irreverent urge to stick googly-eyes on the toe and use it as a sock puppet. I should be careful about that kind of thing, or the knitting goddess may put me in my place.

To celebrate, I went out to the Railway Club for a pint...and to hear/see Mr.Q play in a new project he's been involved in. It was quite funny to call from the yarn store and ask about set times and sound checks and oh yes, make sure I'm on the guest list...I bet it sounded a LOT more exotic than it really was. However, he played his fretless bass brilliantly, and looked more at home on stage than he has in a long time.

My horrid photography and the bad lighting aside, isn't he just sexy? It's those nimble fingers. Mmm hmm!

My day today was reasonable, marred slightly by lack of sleep and mild-ish "stomach troubles" that I think are a wee case of food poisoning from some bad pizza I had last night. But I don't think I confused anybody too badly with grammar, and I have nothing to do tonight that can't be put I'll spend the evening in my PJs, drinking herbal tea and working on Sock the Frigging Second. And it's already Thursday tomorrow...hooray!

Here's a cat picture, because I can:

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Anie said...

nimble fingered ferd, eh!
sock the first: a smashing success..eagerly anticipating its sequel!