Thursday, February 15, 2007

Spinning yarns...

I came home after a longish day today to find one of two anxiously-awaited packages waiting for me, this one from a yarn swap I did awhile ago:

Of course, the colours aren't quite true; the top skein is more earthy-brown than red; the bottom has a lot more purple in it. It's all lovely, and soft, and I may have to sleep with it tonight! Thanks Amanda!

There was also an email from another swap partner, saying she had put sock yarn in the mail from Alaska...can't wait to see that! And to top it all off, tomorrow I'm going yarn-store-hopping with a pal I haven't seen in aeons....have to find some "sassy" sock yarn for my own swap partner. And maybe something little for me. Since I'm there already. Just because.

Because my life is NOT all knitting: Today the sun came out, despite the dreary forecast. Beautiful storm-light, that brightness against the black clouds, and the gulls' wings the same glowing colour as the fresh snow on the mountains. And crocuses really, really up in the neighbours' yards...mostly yellow, a few purple for accent, among all the snowdrops. My morning walk to the bus is a new adventure every morning now.

Several of my students didn't show up for the speaking test today - nasty flu going around, among other things...and it was actually kind of nice. It's a pretty boisterous class, lots of strong personalities, and it's a lot of fun. But it also requires a lot of juggling when all 10 are there. So to have half of them away meant a lot more focused, personal help. It felt like a really constructive class....very good! (Also it was a lot less exhausting!) One of 'em has been given directions to the best Italian cafes on the Drive for the weekend (with the hottest Italian men working at them) and we are all looking forward to her report on Monday.

Now I'm going to go pretend to be a housewife, and open a can of soup for Mr.Q. Maybe even throw some toast in the toaster for him, too!

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What do you think of going to the Victoria Knitfest thingy this summer? Should be stellar!!