Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday ramblings...

Having exhausted my desire for housework yesterday, I've been having a lazy, puttering morning. Still in my PJs and housecoat. Considering a walk to the Laughing Bean - I think I have a free coffee on my "frequent flyer" card, and today would be a good day to use it. If I can muster the icentive to get dressed. In the meantime, I've been entertaining myself by watching the cats, none of whom were terribly co-operative or enthusiastic about the photographic process. But I tried anyway, so Mr.Q could see some pics of the beasties while he's far, far away:
What do you want, house-ape?

I'm trying to SLEEP here!


But leave 'em alone long enough, eventually the draw of the couch becomes too much to resist:

I've also been working on some Sci-fi themed ATCs for a swap:

Glue and paper bits everywhere - too much fun!

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