Monday, July 2, 2007

Canada Day, eh!

Yesterday, we left the house at the crack of noon to go see the sister formerly known as the Princess Bride (now Mrs. S for Blogger purposes!) We'd intended to leave a bit earlier, but we were sort of accidentally out till almost 3:00 A.M. the night before, partaking in mirth, merriment, music, and a leetle too much gin & tonic. Ooops! But too good a time was had to regret it the teensiest bit, so we just had a good jolt of caffeine and hit the road.

I was rather eager to get out to their place, though, for I am newly an auntie again, and couldn't wait to meet their wee lassie...and she's every bit as sweet as we'd been told. And Reina's just as much a poser-for-the-camera as all my other nieces! See?

Also, we got to sample Mrs.S's first getting-to-know-you attempts with their new espresso maker...mmmm! As soon as we got home, though, I had a solid, coma-like nap for about 40 minutes, steeling myself for our Canada Day party plans: A BBQ at a friend's place. Most enjoyable, too. It was a mild evening spent on the back deck, eating hot dogs, listening to CDs by Canadian bands (we agreed that since Canada's official head of state is Elizabeth II, then Queen could be considered a Canadian band) The most entertaining part of the evening, by far, was the dessert provided by our host, as modelled by Mr.Q:

That's 4.5 kg of chocolate, my friends. Or 9.9 lbs. Madness, I tell you! Between 12 of us, we couldn't manage to finish 2 pieces. We weren't allowed to leave without taking a piece home. I'm not sure how the van made it home with all the extra weight. It's a traffic pylon of chocolate. We're talking about painting it orange and using it to mark our parking space at home during the madness of the PNE this summer.


Zardra said...

Oh my, Reina's darling. :) But I'm a sucker for fuzzy puppies.

Rebecca said...

Sugar overload just looking at that...but so tasty!

Reina is a doll...and I'm not a sucker for fuzzy puppies. ☺